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Ecostay de Wildernis


Wild Woman, Deep Heart: A four day retreat in nature

Artista: Julia Gray


At Ecostay de Wildernis near Deventer, Wilp

Facilitated by Sophia Style and Gemma Polo



There is a deep desire in women today to unearth the wild woman hidden inside of us beneath layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs.

Within the healing power and sanctuary of a women’s circle, we can unveil our own wildness from a rooted place of connection to nature and our own heart.

In this retreat we propose a journey to the source of our womanhood, intimately connected to the cycles of nature and ancient wisdom of the female archetypes.

We invite you to rediscover the wild feminine within you by honouring:

  • the freedom and playfulness of the Maiden
  • the deep nourishment of the Mother
  • the powerful transformation of the Shaman
  • the silent wisdom of the Crone

The tools and practices that will guide and inspire us through the retreat include sharing in circle, creative expression and connected movement, guided visualizations, transformative rituals, and direct contact with nature.

As we explore together what it means to each of us, in our unique way, to be a wild woman, we gain the strength to live passionately and fearlessly, find our true voice and live from the heart.



Sophia Style

Anthropologist, doula, writer and mother. She has spent fifteen years facilitating women’s circles in England and Spain, in connection to the wisdom of the feminine cycles. Creator of the project “Mujer Cíclica”, she currently supports and trains women through workshops and her online courses “Las Cuatro Lunas en Mí”, “El Camino de la Facilitadora” y “Emprender con el Corazón”. Sophia writes and shares resources and inspiration about women’s cycles, female archetypes and rites of passage. www.mujerciclica.com




Gemma Polo Pujol

Spiritual guide and facilitator of deep rest and meditation retreats with “Open Dharma” since 2002. Theologian, beekeeper, poet and mother, Gemma recognizes nature as her most intimate home. She created “Dharmaloca”, an eco-retreat center in the heart of Montsant, Tarragona, and the project “Awakening with Horses”, with the wish to offer a space where to reconnect with the essence and to emerge from the heart. www.gemmapolopujol.com





Ecostay de Wildernis is a beautiful place in the middle of dutch nature. We will stay in pre-arranged authentic tents such as tipis or yurts, or will sleep in our own tent.


The retreat starts on Thursday May 30th before dinner and will finish on Sunday June 2nd after lunch.

Costs and Donations:

The basic cost for the retreat will be 260 euros. This includes accommodation, meals, and other expenses that were necessary to make this retreat happen.

Please notice that Gemma’s and Sophia’s guidance and sharing’s are offered entirely on donation basis. This means they offer their time, energy and wisdom freely. At the end of the retreat, you will have the chance to feel in which way their offerings have been nourishing to you, and express your gratitude by giving a donation* to them. Your support makes possible their full dedication, and the continuity of their retreats. Thanks for your generosity!

*Donations can be given in cash at the end of the retreat.



For further questions and registration please send an email to:


Please note that in order to cover the costs of this retreat we need a minimum of 15 women to confirm their place by the 20th April.


Testimonials from women who have taken retreats with Sophia and Gemma

«It was an extraordinary pleasure to meet you. Thank you for your generosity in being fully yourselves. Your active listening and the simplicity of the group dynamics you proposed made it possible for deep communication to emerge. I saw the presence of the goddess in both of you and this helped me to recognize the goddess that dwells in me. Thank you, a thousand and one times! «

Nerea Esparza Vicente


«I felt accompanied with a lot of love, respect and beauty. Your facilitation was generous and sufficient, as well as respectful of the spaces and processes of each of us on the retreat. I liked very much that with simple dynamics we reached deep places of connection, that in the end were powerful and mobilizing. «

Melissa Castro


«For days I have wanted to write to thank you for the retreat you facilitated. First of all, thank you for the profound respect I felt for each of our processes, for our personality, for our emotions… I felt an unconditional respect. And that helped me to respect myself too, to respect other people and everything that happened those days. For me a door was opened, it was a turning point in my life.”

Iris Vilaró


Image: Women’s Wisdom, by Julia Gray


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