The thirteen qualities of the Medicine Woman

Mujer Medicina con tortuga. Artista: Caroline Manière

Artist: Caroline Manière


Medicine Woman…


Is intimately connected to nature and the elements. She knows that nature is her teacher and her source of nourishment. She speaks the language of the Earth. She trusts in the medicine and the healing messages of the animals and the elements to guide her. She honours the sacred cycles of sun and moon.

She heals herself and her past. She knows herself deeply. She is aware of the patterns and beliefs inheritted from her lineage and culture and has transcended them. She has journeyed deep down into the underworld and has returned with treasure to share.

She transforms her experiences into wisdom. She knows how to support herself through all the different movements and dances life brings. She has let go of blaming herself or blaming others, she is responsible for her own life. She sees every experience as an opportunity to grow, to love and to be present. She embraces her own reality and creates her own freedom. She embodies an inner maturity.

She listens to her soul and sees things deeply. She lives from the inside outwards; open to wonder and amazement. She remembers where she came from and why. She has surrendered to her life’s sacred mission: to become medicine for her community.

She honours her womb. She acknowledges her womb as the source of her power to create and manifest. In all stages of life she is attentive to the messages she receives from her womb. She honours her maternal line and the healing power of her menstrual blood. She welcomes her sacred sexual energy in all its power.

She knows her cycles and how to live from her centre. She enjoys the maturity that comes from observing her cycles, month after month, and flows with the changes in her physical and emotional states. She experiences the intensity of her cycles with perspective and returns again and again to her centre. She loves and accepts all facets of herself as they are.

She is open, attentive and sensitive to the subtle world. She sees beyond the material, allowing the universe to reveal
its secrets and guide her. She is receptive and connected to her instincts. She loves the sensuality and the beauty of life. She regularly nurtures her connection to the wild.

She wisely navigates between worlds and maintains her balance. She moves fluidly between the visible and invisible, creation and destruction, the conscious and unconscious, the active and passive, the material and spiritual, the masculine and the feminine.

She has a strong connection to her circle of women. She cultivates spaces of deep connection between women. She is a sister in solidarity. She builds healthy bonds between women. She has transcended comparisons and competition.

She honours the sacred masculine. She has freed herself of the heavy burden of hurt and resentment towards men. She understands the value of masculine qualities and relates to men from her own center and integrity.

She looks at life through eyes of love and gratitude and chooses to live in the light. She doesn’t dwell in negativity, use black magic or feed drama and conflict. She brings peace to all her relations. She is compassionate; she exudes kindness.

She knows that her power resides in her prayers. She doesn’t rely on her own efforts. She is humble and aware that it is the divine that sustains us. She integrates simple and profound rituals in her daily life.

She is generous in sharing her wisdom and with it awakens hearts and minds. She shares her wisdom and all that has helped her on her way. She walks alongside women and men on the path to discovering their own potential and to becoming their own medicine. She offers guidance through her presence and through the practice of rituals. She touches people’s souls.

Text by Gemma Polo and Sophia Style.
Excerpt from the welcome and introduction document to the online course “Medicine Woman”.


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