There is light and only light

Teachings to illuminate your inner journey

by GEMMA POLO PUJOL (Watkins Publishing 2020)


In ‘There is light and only light’, her first book, Gemma brings all of her twenty years of guiding meditation retreats and workshops around the world into focus and distills her offerings in such an inspiring way that it’s almost guaranteed to have you sitting, peaceful, still and quiet within minutes of reading the first chapter! In one of the ten poignant and beautifully written chapters entitled ‘Deep Rest’, she says:

“We talk about rest, and through rest we meet a place of inner freshness where there is the ability to find our own golden thread and follow it. We feel the inspiration and we tune into that, and whether that meeting happens or not is not completely up to us, and yet we do have to tune in, a gesture that is almost imperceptible.” 



Reaching for this book on my bedside table has been like opening a little pot of healing balm. Each page is fragrant with the pure essence of peace and clear wisdom, a joy to absorb and a powerful resource. Gemma offers her experiences intimately yet with such openness and universal appeal that it’s impossible not to be moved by her insights and stories. Her capacity to express the depth of a spiritual life in poetic and yet everyday language reminds us of other great seekers and guides; Eckhart Tolle, Mooji to name a few.

The book is a treasure trove of contemporary teachings, some passed on to her by her teachers, others arising from her own deeply authentic search; perhaps one of the most relevant right now is that we all need to integrate deep rest into our lives so that we can live fully nourished and offer our gifts from a place of light.

As you may know, Gemma’s part in the co-creation of our course ‘Medicine Woman: A journey to your centre’, and in the work of Mujer Ciclica from its inception, has been integral. She contributes a profound and luminous understanding of the path to discovering, remembering and knowing oneself through reflection, meditation, ritual and prayer. The course is a 28-day journey using the four archetypes as our guides – each with her own qualities and gifts that call us to reconnect with our own true purpose.

Listen here to one of Gemma’s guided meditations offered in the course on the theme of deep rest inspired by the Wise Woman archetype: 




4 week online self-study course

Start date: 24th June 2024. LAST EDITION!

Registrations open

This 28-day online course invites you to connect with the wisdom of the female archetypes, the four directions and elements, and power animals. Each day you'll receive videos, guided meditations and visualizations, bodywork practices, creative activities, medicine songs, rituals and ceremonies, to integrate at your rhythm, aligned with the cycle of the moon. Dive into a path of personal transformation in order to free yourself from old patterns that keep you from moving forward, cultivate your connection with the healing power of nature and deepen your connection with the archetypes, rooted in ancestral feminine spirituality. Created by Sophia Style and Gemma Polo.

"This course is very beautifully and carefully designed. The quality of the texts were outstanding, and written in a simple and explanatory way. It gave me a moment of rest and reflection each day, a moment of inspiration. Many thanks and blessings for this beautiful program. I hope it will reach a lot of women in English speaking countries". Amira, Netherlands