The medicine of the Four Elements

Fire. Water. Air. Earth.


It’s amazing how much wisdom is contained in these four elements. We are witnessing a powerful resurgence of this ancestral wisdom for healing the Earth and ourselves. When you make your connection with the elements, the fire, the water, the earth and the air, which qualities do you associate with each of them?



Are you ready to invite the four elements into your rituals and to welcome their medicine into your life?

We can simply notice their qualities, for example:


Fire offers us the medicine of transformation, of purification and of passion. Take a moment of reflection in front of a candle or a fireplace, open yourself to seeing what may be transforming in your life right now, or perhaps something that you’d like to enliven, and ask the fire to guide and accompany you.



Water embodies receptivity, fluidity and deeply held memories. Seek out a place of water whether it be a river, the sea or a bowlful at home, and simply listen for her whisperings to guide you on your path of healing.



Clarity, lightness and movement are the qualities brought by the medicine of the air element. Take some time to light an incense and watch how the smoke dances, feel how the air fills you with these qualities.



Earth’s medicine brings nourishment, support and generosity. To connect with these gifts, take a handful of earth and visualise the bounteous nourishment that comes from it. 


Text: Sophia Style

Photos: Nagore Pardo


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