The Medicine Woman and the power animals

Each and every one of us feels a particular connection with one animal, or perhaps several, which gives us an opportunity to understand the nature of power animals and our relationship to their power as ‘totems’.




Over twenty years ago when I discovered the book ‘Medicine Cards: Finding Power through the animals‘ by Jamie Sams and David Carson, it opened me up to a world of connection with animals that I’d never experienced before. 

When we closely observe the form and behaviour of each animal, we are given information about its qualities and its ‘medicine’, in the sense of the healing power it can offer us.

Almost certainly we’ve all felt a special connection with a particular animal, or with several animals, and through this we can begin to understand their meaning, as ‘totem animals’ for us. At times an animal can be especially present in our lives and can offer us guidance and support on our path in that moment. 

Recently I’m feeling a strong connection with the hummingbird and am so grateful for her medicine on a deep level. In the last weeks various things have happened which led me to a place of much sadness and my heart felt closed. By gently opening myself up to the healing medicine of this beautiful bird, I feel her vibration softens the pain and hardness and she is helping me to see the beauty of life, in my life.

In our online course ‘Medicine Womanwe’ll explore the special qualities of eight power animals associated with the four feminine archetypes. Each of them accompany us on our journey of awakening the Medicine Woman within. How marvellous it is to feel we are supported, guided and loved by the animal world! 

This naturally leads us to an attitude of respect for all the Earth’s animals and to protect and care for them and their habitats.

Which animal do you feel a special connection to in this moment?


Medicine Woman logoMedicine woman, a journey to your center.

Start date: 25th October 2021

With this course you will be able to awaken and cultivate the gifts of Medicine Woman in you, deepening into the teachings of the Medicine Wheel from a special connection with the four female archetypes and feminine wisdom. You will be supported in the path of transforming and healing beliefs and burdens that you have inherited and that you know it is time to let go of. You will receive a wide range of tools to integrate a genuine practice of daily connection, so as to live from your centre and from a place of gratitude: meditations, creative activities, rituals, time in nature, inspirational texts… ¡Welcome! This course is a creation of Gemma Polo and Sophia Style.