“The archetype of the Medicine Woman helps us to heal ourselves and heal our lineage, so we can evolve as humanity”. An interview with Judy Orion.

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Poet, artist and flight attendant Judith Talavera (also known as Judy Orion), took the online course “Medicine Woman: a journey to your centre” during the early months of the confinement of 2020. She has a degree in Art History and her love for the arts, culture and spirituality led her to create her artistic project, which she calls “Cosmo-alchemical Micro-videoclips”, in which she recites her own musical poems using scenery, dramatization and channeling to stir the soul.


Judy, what does it mean to you to be “Medicine Woman”?

A Medicine Woman lives in harmony with her cycles, the earth and the universe, in full connection with herself. She is a Shamana.  She has a way of working holistically – for herself and for humanity.

She honours what is sacred and universal, recognising and integrating the masculine and feminine polarities.

She knows, loves and works with the power of her womb, with her ancestors and with her shadows. Everything she does is from a place of light and from within her kindred circle.

In her loving and compassionate way she guides and awakens the consciousness of others. She is healing and medicine for the world!



Why do you feel it’s important that we connect with the Medicine Woman archetype at this moment in history?

It’s time to heal ourselves, heal the wounds of our ancestors and of the world. The Medicine Woman archetype empowers us and helps us to remember that we can heal ourselves using the gifts given to us  by our ancestors. Connecting with the Medicine Woman is in reality our natural way of being in the world.

When we actively acknowledge this, individually and collectively, we can become a healing force in the world, part of a shift in consciousness from the old paradigm to a new era of being, far more connected to the earth and to the universe.


What helps you to connect with your inner Medicine Woman?

Listening to my cycles,to those of the earth, the moon and of the cosmos. I connect to her by creating rituals, meditating, singing, dancing, listening to healing music, studying sacred geometry, working with crystals and angels…

By being in nature, praying, guided visualisations, gardening, looking after myself and all of humanity. In a nutshell, simply living in truth and in the light.



Let’s talk a bit about your experience of the four elements and whether you connect particularly with one of them right now. Can you tell us what the elements mean to you and describe your relationship with them?

As a teenager, I learnt about the four elements through the Druid and Wicca traditions, but I didn’t integrate them in a conscious way until much later. Through my own spiritual path and now the “Medicine Woman” course, I feel a strong connection to the elements!

Earth gives me roots. Water helps me to flow and connect. Air liberates me and lifts my spirits. Fire gives me power and purifies me.

At the moment, I feel a strong connection to the water element. I realised that the planet Neptune is very important in my birth chart, and I feel a special bond with the ocean and with whales. These days I go to the river or the sea to bathe and swim, and I am drinking a lot of herbal teas!


Is there one of the power animals that you’re feeling especially connected to right now? And why?

Yes, the whale. They are such ancient creatures, connected to the cosmos and the planets. Their sounds are so uplifting and can transport us to another realm. They possess deep wisdom and ancestral knowledge. They live in my Piscean element, water, and they heal me with their medicinal gifts of calm, patience, wisdom, strength and trust. They are wise and powerful beings!



What was it that made you decide to take the online course “Medicine Woman: a journey to your centre”?

Destiny and the confinement! Having caught the virus, I was on sick-leave and so had stepped off the treadmill and everything aligned to make it the perfect moment for me to do the course.

Confined to my room, one day I received Sophia’s newsletter and it resonated with me so completely that I registered there and then.



What has it meant for you doing this course? What has it offered you?

It has changed the course of my life on a practical level,, I feel it helped me to reconnect to myself and to the whole. I awakened my inner Medicine Woman, discovered my talents, my potential and my purpose. And I began my artistic project.

It brought me gifts of wisdom, a lot of practical inspiration, connection, trust, grounding, peace, creativity, vitality, feeling supported and enormous inspiration – all from a place of love. I’m so grateful to the course, to Sophia and Gemma for being the seeds of change.


Is there a specific practice or proposal from the course that you’ve integrated in your day to day, that helps you strengthen the Medicine Woman in you?

Yes, many! I make altars and rituals according to my cycle and the moon every week. I work with the archetypes, dance to the music from the course, draw, make things with clay, gather things from the forest for my rituals and read about shamanism.

I take baths with oils and salts and do visualisations. I love to make a conscious connection with my womb and my ancestral line, and am starting to use the fabulous moon charts each month.



How do you feel called to share your wisdom with the world?

I feel that my path is to share and offer what is inside of me through my art and poetry, through making  collections of my writings, music and visual creations.

My intention is to do it all from a place of love and light, from awakening into a new consciousness. It is important to me to integrate my shadows so that they can be transformed.  I believe in my purpose as a holistic artist!



Would you like to add anything else, a message you’d like to share here?

Yes!  I would like to share that we are not alone, that we are all one, and that by loving each other and sharing and weaving our webs to heal the world, each following their own heart and destiny, we can change everything!  We are all medicine, we all have our inner medicine to share.

It’s time for us to unite, to accept one another and believe that it is possible to change. What we need is to love each other and evolve as humanity.



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4 week online self-study course

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This 28-day online course invites you to connect with the wisdom of the female archetypes, the four directions and elements, and power animals. Each day you'll receive videos, guided meditations and visualizations, bodywork practices, creative activities, medicine songs, rituals and ceremonies, to integrate at your rhythm, aligned with the cycle of the moon. Dive into a path of personal transformation in order to free yourself from old patterns that keep you from moving forward, cultivate your connection with the healing power of nature and deepen your connection with the archetypes, rooted in ancestral feminine spirituality. Created by Sophia Style and Gemma Polo.

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