I am a Medicine Woman

“I am a medicine woman.

I am she who respects nature.

I am she who dances with fire.

I am she who is born from thunder.

I am she who understands all living beings.

I am she who speaks of dignity.

I am she who lives among the elements.

I am one with the earth.

I am she who is crying.

I am she who protects my community.

I am she who walks with the Great Spirit.

I am she, who they call Medicine Woman.

I am the she of all nations.”


Adapted from a poem by Margaret Sam Cromarty (1990)

Medicine Woman logoMedicine woman, a journey to your center.

Start date: 25th October 2021

With this course you will be able to awaken and cultivate the gifts of Medicine Woman in you, deepening into the teachings of the Medicine Wheel from a special connection with the four female archetypes and feminine wisdom. You will be supported in the path of transforming and healing beliefs and burdens that you have inherited and that you know it is time to let go of. You will receive a wide range of tools to integrate a genuine practice of daily connection, so as to live from your centre and from a place of gratitude: meditations, creative activities, rituals, time in nature, inspirational texts… ¡Welcome! This course is a creation of Gemma Polo and Sophia Style.