“Embrace your cycles and discover the Medicine Woman in you”



An interview with Sophia Style by Kathy Walkling (Ecofemme)



I’m very excited about this interview with Kathy Walkling, co-founder of the women-led social enterprise project Ecofemme. I first connected with Kathy around 15 years ago, when I started using the beautiful cloth menstrual pads made in India by the Ecofemme project.

Along the way of this lovely conversation we talk about my journey with Mujer Cíclíca, how it was through my experience of menstrual pain that I became intimate with my menstrual cycle and how Ecofemme’s cloth pads helped transform my relationship with my womanhood.

I share what have been some of the most empowering aspects of my personal journey, and we discuss how the time is ripe for us all to dive deeper into this intimate work.

We also chat about the creation, with Gemma Polo, of my online course in English ‘Medicine Woman – a journey to your centre’ and the many resources we’re offering to guide your personal journey to empowered cyclical femininity.


I hope you enjoy our encounter and that it inspires you to discover the Medicine Woman in you!