Dragonfly medicine

La medicina de la libélula

Image: Donna Adi


According to indigenous traditions in many parts of the world, every animal has a medicine, a teaching and a message for us, if we’re open to receiving their wisdom.

Today, with a waxing moon to accompany us, we’d like to share this beautiful text about the dragonfly: 

“The dragonfly is the guardian of the portals of magic, dreams and mystery.

She symbolizes the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment, and the communication of the elemental world, of the spirits of nature.

Dragonfly medicine invites us to search within ourselves for the habits that we need and want to change, those that are not supporting our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health, and that disconnect us from nature and the great spirit.

If Sister Dragonfly appears in your dreams or while you are in nature, perhaps it is time to break with the illusions that limit your actions, your ideas or your projects …

She invites you to connect with what is true and genuine in your life, to remember the magic and the mystery and open yourself to the spiritual world.”

Author unknown

In the online course Medicine Woman: a journey to your centre created with Gemma Polo Inspirations, we explore the qualities of eight powerful animals connected with the four feminine archetypes. They accompany us on the path of awakening the gifts of the Medicine Woman inside each of us. How marvelous it is to know we have the love, support and guidance of the animal kingdom!

Of course it follows naturally that we give them and their habitats our respect, care and protection wherever we are in the world.

Medicine Woman logoMedicine woman, a journey to your center.

Start date: 25th October 2021

With this course you will be able to awaken and cultivate the gifts of Medicine Woman in you, deepening into the teachings of the Medicine Wheel from a special connection with the four female archetypes and feminine wisdom. You will be supported in the path of transforming and healing beliefs and burdens that you have inherited and that you know it is time to let go of. You will receive a wide range of tools to integrate a genuine practice of daily connection, so as to live from your centre and from a place of gratitude: meditations, creative activities, rituals, time in nature, inspirational texts… ¡Welcome! This course is a creation of Gemma Polo and Sophia Style.