Deep rest meditation, a radical and transformative practice

‘Reclining Buddha’ by Yuliya Glavnaya

From this place of vastness and apparent nothingness, we can be guided into subtler ways of being in touch with ourselves and start learning another language that is not filtered by the mind. As we trust this place, we relax and many patterns from the unconscious areas of our being have the chance to bubble up and be transformed. At first in deep rest meditation, it can seem like nothing is happening and we can feel frustrated. But if we invite ourselves to rest deeper and deeper, great wisdom can emerge from the core of our being and we may become incredibly creative and reenergized.

It’s not that we meditate lying down to put ourselves to sleep. Sleeping may happen, but setting the intention at the beginning is key to the process and completely changes the way we fall asleep. We hold this intention while diving in, to deeply listen, to stay connected and be in touch with ourselves. Then we are taken into this place of relaxation and from there, of course, we could fall asleep but this is not what is relevant. The space between awake and asleep, this land that is neither the awakened land nor the dreamland, is fertile. It’s a space where a lot can happen, a lot can be transformed and revealed and healed. Connecting to this place beyond words, we can know that it belongs to us. Rivers of thoughts and tiredness dance before us till they fall asleep, bored of not being looked at, and then a door opens for us to enter a wider realm. A realm not ruled by thoughts. A realm where tiredness simply doesn’t exist.

I invite you right now to have a taste of deep rest meditation as a spiritual practice. Find a comfortable and quiet place to lie down, use as many cushions and blankets as you need in order to feel cosy and to allow yourself to relax. Take a few deep breaths and tune into the physical sensations, the more apparent ones and the subtler ones. Tune into the sounds that are happening around you and let there be space in the mind for the thoughts to become loose. Take a moment to acknowledge your mind state and name the mood you are in. Is there anything that you remember that triggered the emotional state you are in now? Maybe your cup of tea wasn’t quite hot enough, maybe you felt overwhelmed by all the long list of things that needed doing. Invite yourself to go back to the space before the trigger. Welcome yourself to a wider space below it all. Thoughts are happening on their own, sensations and feelings are being felt. Please do not worry about the thoughts and do not try to approach or change them. Again and again bring in this intention to relax in God’s hands, like lying down on a soft sofa that holds you as you are, with all your limitations, with all your potential. Become intimate with yourself, staying lovingly connected to the breath or bringing your hands onto your chest or belly. Bring in a soft intention to connect to your heart and your genuine longing for love, while feeling the pull from within to enter deeper realms of being. Hear the call from the source of aliveness and creativity that lies within you and connect with the pleasure of entering. Feel life’s support as you travel this journey to your soul and find the path back to your unique golden thread. Don’t worry if it feels like nothing is happening, just trust that things are being rearranged as you deeply rest. Stay there, open, in the presence of light. Let transformation and healing happen. Let wisdom arise if it wants to. There is nothing to do and nothing to be understood. Just be.

Extract from the book There is Light and only Light: Teachings to illuminate your inner wisdom by Gemma Polo Pujol. Watkins publishing.

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