Cycles, Circles and Seeds

la Doncella


An interview with Sophia Style by Penelope Mavor of the Earth Converse Podcast


How do we recognise and honour our cycles, our circles and our seeds?

Today we’re celebrating the celtic tradition of Imbolc by sharing this joyous conversation with Penelope of #earthconversepodcast around connecting with the feminine wisdom of all cultures and how this opened up many doorways for me on my circular path to womanhood. I share what have been some of the most empowering aspects of my personal journey, and we discuss how the time is ripe for us all, men included, to dive deeper into this intimate and sacred work.

We also chat about the creation, with Gemma Polo, of my online course  ‘Medicine Woman – a journey to your centre’ , now available in English, and the many resources we’re offering to guide your personal journey to empowered cyclical femininity.

Listen to the end to enjoy a special offering, a guided ‘seed planting’ ritual, to remember and honour the cycles in ourselves and in nature.

I hope you enjoy our chat and that it inspires you to discover the Medicine Woman in you this year!

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4 week online self-study course

Start date: 24th June 2024. LAST EDITION!

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This 28-day online course invites you to connect with the wisdom of the female archetypes, the four directions and elements, and power animals. Each day you'll receive videos, guided meditations and visualizations, bodywork practices, creative activities, medicine songs, rituals and ceremonies, to integrate at your rhythm, aligned with the cycle of the moon. Dive into a path of personal transformation in order to free yourself from old patterns that keep you from moving forward, cultivate your connection with the healing power of nature and deepen your connection with the archetypes, rooted in ancestral feminine spirituality. Created by Sophia Style and Gemma Polo.

"This course is very beautifully and carefully designed. The quality of the texts were outstanding, and written in a simple and explanatory way. It gave me a moment of rest and reflection each day, a moment of inspiration. Many thanks and blessings for this beautiful program. I hope it will reach a lot of women in English speaking countries". Amira, Netherlands