Awakened Woman

Mujer Despierta


We hope the words and powerful symbols of this poem by Molly Remer ignite the spark of the awakened woman in you.


Awakened Woman

by Molly Remer


Be too awake.

Trust the trembling forest

place your hands on hot earth,

on cold stones,

in living streams.

Look for bridges into mystery

And thresholds into knowing

formed of leaning trees

and embracing roots.

Be too awake

and let wings of wonder

carry you into clouds of magic

winding wisps of pleasure

through your blood and bones.

Be too awake

and drink

all kinds of moonlight

curling yourself

into caves and grooves

alive with meaning.

Be too awake

for the world is full of birds

and you can feel the singing

in your soles and in your skin.

Be too awake

for there are lakes of longing

within you

and you know how to swim.

Let the greening earth

glow beneath you

let your buried power

rise and breathe,

for it is in being too awake

that you will know yourself

as whole and here.

Be too awake

even if it is the only thing

you have left to be.

As published in the WeMoon Agenda (Spanish version) 2021

Image: author unknown


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