The Wise Woman Archetype




Her season is winter, her lunar phase, the dark moon. Time to hibernate, put down roots, be still, be renewed…

The Wise Woman has carefully cultivated gifts of silence, of listening and of non-attachment. She knows that in emptiness and in death lie the seeds of renewal; her wisdom is visionary.

Menstruation is her phase in the cycle: the phase of introspection, a time to rest and connect with the place deep within ourselves where our creative visions are held and nurtured.

She is Hestia, Greek goddess of the home who is the caretaker of our inner world and keeper of the sacred flame. The circle is her symbol and she guides us to the essence.

She is Inanna, ancient Sumerian goddess who leaves her palace as ‘Queen of the Heavens’ to descend into the underworld where she meets her sister Ereshkigal, dies and is reborn. She personifies the heroines’ journey of the soul, diving to the depths to return with the treasures of wisdom.

She is Hecate, Greek goddess of the dark moon who guards the crossroads of life with her deep intuition and who offers her guidance and wisdom as we move through the shadows.

She is Ceridwen, Welsh goddess of the cauldren in which she brews wisdom and inspiration for the actions of creation and destruction; universal and eternal.

Her rite of passage is moments of transition, death, loss and ageing. Through her comes our understanding that life and death is a continuous cycle and that there can be no renewal without dissolution.


Texto: Sophia Style

The Maiden

Her season is spring, her lunar phase the crescent moon. The seed that germinates, initiation, passion for life, time of new possibilities…

The Mother

Her season is summer, her lunar phase the full moon. The seed becomes a flower, bears fruit and matures thanks to the warmth of the sun and the nutrients of the earth…

The Shamana

Her season is autumn, her lunar phase the waning moon. Time to gather the harvest, to start pruning, as the light diminishes…