The Maiden Archetype




Her season is spring, its lunar phase the crescent moon. The seed that germinates, initiation, passion for life, time of new possibilities…

The Maiden is the Virgin, “complete in herself”, independent. She is impulsive, loves to play, follows her ideals and seeks the truth.

Her phase of the menstrual cycle is pre-ovulation: the dynamic and active phase. She has the ability to plan, set goals, and follow their direction.

She is Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of inspiration, poetry and sacred fire, honored at Candlemas or “Imbolc” with the first signs of spring.

She is Artemis, Greek Goddess of forests, hunting and the moon, she is the Archer whose intention is focussed and aims her arrow with precision. 

She is Kore, a curious daughter and nature lover who decides to discover the underworld, where she eats the red pomegranate and becomes Persephone.

She is Ostara, Germanic Goddess of spring, dawn and the awakening of the germinative forces.

Her rite of passage is that of the first menstruation, the arrival of the blood and the awakening of fertility.

She is the Maiden that lives within us, the adolescent girl who did not always receive a positive welcome or initiation into the world of women.

Healing our inner Maiden and drawing inspiration from other cultures and ancestral rites we can accompany today’s “Maidens” in their transition from adolescence to maturity.


Text: Sophia Style

The Mother

Her season is summer, her lunar phase the full moon. The seed becomes a flower, bears fruit and matures thanks to the warmth of the sun and the nutrients of the earth…

The Shamana

Her season is autumn, her lunar phase the waning moon. Time to gather the harvest, to start pruning, as the light diminishes…

The Wise Woman

Her season is winter, her lunar phase, the dark moon. Time to hibernate, put down roots, be still, be renewed….