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If you resonate with the idea of contributing to expanding feminine ancestral wisdom and spreading the word about our online course “Medicine Woman: a journey to your centre”


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Be part of a unique and transformative project

Mujer Cíclica (Cyclical Woman) is a pioneering project that has inspired, trained and transformed thousands of women from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and other Latin American countries over the last seventeen years.

Our intention is to offer ways of reconnecting with and honouring the cycles of life, in particular women’s cycles and rites of passage, as a way of recovering ancestral female wisdom, rooted in nature, that is so much needed in our times. 

In 2019, Sophia Style, creator of Mujer Cíclica, together with Gemma Polo, who has been offering deep rest and meditation retreats for 20 years, created the 28-day online course “Medicine Woman: a journey to your centre”, which has reached over 1000 women in Spain and Latin America. 

We decided to translate the course into English in 2021, based on a strong desire to share our work and its fruits with English-speaking women. We would love you to be part of this intention, by joining our Affiliate programme. 

We encourage you to sign up if:

  • You resonate with the values ​​and vision of Cyclical Woman: to cultivate and expand ancestral feminine wisdom in connection with the sacred and honor the power of our cycles, deeply rooted in the cycles of nature.

  • You know, value or trust the quality and depth of Sophia and Gemma’s work and you want to recommend and share the benefits of the online course “Medicine Woman”.

  • You have a network of women who may be interested in this Cyclical Woman course: friends, family, colleagues, and a community through your social networks, mailing list, or website.

  • You enjoy communicating and spreading the word of what you believe in and want to recommend to your community.

  • The idea of ​​obtaining an additional source of income appeals to you and you are willing to dedicate part of your time to this project.
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la Doncella

How does the Affiliate Program work?

  • Enrollment in the Cyclical Woman Affiliate Programme is free.

  • When you sign up, you will receive a clear and detailed tutorial on how the program works, which includes ideas, resources and promotional materials that you can use and adapt to your own style of communication.

  • You will have your own affiliate link to spread the online course of Cyclical Woman, which will allow you to track all the registrations that arrive through your recommendations.

  • You can access your affiliate panel whenever you want, where you will find your affiliate link and statistics on the impact of your work in spreading the word about the online course “Medicine Woman”.

  • To receive your affiliate commissions, you must issue an invoice (we will provide you with a template for this) and we will pay you the amount that corresponds to you with a payment through Paypal fifteen days after the edition of the course that you have contributed to spreading the word has begun. 

Note: your affiliate link is only for sharing with other people (you cannot use it to enroll yourself in the online courses of Cyclical Woman)

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Don’t worry if all this sounds strange to you and you’ve never participated in other affiliate programs! In the tutorial that you will receive when you sign up, we’ll explain everything in a very simple and clear way.

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How much will you receive?

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Every time someone signs up for the online course “Medicine Woman: a journey to your center” thanks to your direct recommendation, we will share 40% of the sale price of the course with you.

You will receive 58 euros for each registration in the “Medicine Woman for personal use” modality (with a price of 145 euros).

You will receive 98 euros for each registration in the “Medicine Woman for professional use” modality (at a price of 245 euros).


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Steps to become a Cyclical Woman Affiliate

  • Click on the button below to sign up for free.
  • Once you register, your affiliate panel will automatically open (you do not need to do anything, we will explain how it works later)
  • At the same time, you will receive an email with the instructions to access the Affiliate Programme tutorial, hosted in the Cyclical Woman Virtual Area.