The “Mujer Cíclica” (Cyclical Woman) Team


Sophia Style

I’m Sophia Style, creator and coordinator of Mujer Cíclica

This project springs from the desire to share everything that has served me on my journey as a woman, both on a personal level and from the experience of facilitating groups and guiding rituals and rites of passage.

My family roots are British and yet I feel very much a ‘citizen of the world’, after traveling and living in many different countries throughout my life. When I went to India at the age of 17 and learned about the marginalization of widowed women, I was deeply moved.  It was there that the seed of what is my current work with women was planted.

I am passionate about recovering ancestral female wisdom in the modern world, which I have been exploring across cultures through anthropological research and in women’s circles for almost 20 years.

In 2001, six of my friends became pregnant and I felt a strong call to begin supporting women in their transition into motherhood. I trained as a birth doula in England throughout 2002 with Olivia Seck and as a mentor for Birthing from Within with Pam England, and with this, rediscovered the role of the woman who supports others through their rites of passage.

From when I was a teenager until I was 25 years old, I experienced my monthly hormonal changes and the period as a “curse” (it is incredible that this is a commonly-used word used in England for menstruation), with intense pain and rejection, until I began a path of inner healing and deep reconciliation with the feminine and with my cycles. 

I’ve worked with Miranda Gray, author of ‘Red Moon: The Gifts of the Menstrual Cycle’, and I have trained with DeAnna L’am, creator of ‘’Red Moon: School of Feminine Wisdom for Women and Girls”.

My experience of growing as a woman on this rich inner journey for many these years, together with other women, has led me to share the fruits of this path through workshops, retreats and online trainings, so that other women can reconnect with their power and feminine wisdom and to help to create new role models for future generations of women.

In recent years, the scope of Mujer Cíclica has multiplied in such a way that in order to continue offering inspiration and courses and take care of the large international community of women connected to this project, I count on the support of Andrea, Carlota, Mónica, Sonia, Gemma and Marta, who dedicate part of their time to make it possible.

I’m Andrea Secchi

I have worked with Sophia since Mujer Cíclica began its online expansion in 2013.

I felt a kind of “call” in 2012 when I learned about the residential training “El Viaje de la Mujer Cíclica” offered over 13 months, and I contacted Sophia and the team that coordinated this course to participate as a student and at the same time to help create the website and online classroom. That’s how we met, and in parallel we started working on the Mujer Cíclica website, based on the three Blogs that Sophia was already using. 

I’ve known for some time that working with women is what gives a deep meaning to my profession and direction. My focus is on communication: stringing words together, reconciling colors and shapes, diving into computer codes. Tools to materialize the very personal projects that each woman is creating. 

The combination of Mujer Cíclica, Sophia’s talent as an entrepreneur and this exceptional community (in quantity and above all in quality) mean that this project continues to be my best learning ground. 

I’m responsible for the graphic design of the training materials and also for the technical part of the project, so that the promotion and communication works.

Mujer Cíclica - Andrea Secchi

I’m Carlota Franco

… Cyclical woman, mother, journalist.

My professional experience has always been in the field of social communication, working for non-profit organizations and in the management of projects conceived with a vocation for service and attention to people.

I first met Sophia through a dear mutual friend, without knowing that this beautiful English woman who spoke perfect Spanish who lived in a village near mine and who taught my daughter how to draw labyrinths in our first meeting was also the driving force behind Mujer Cíclica.

Our mutual friend gave yoga classes in the workshop space that Sophia ran for different types of activities, and the powerful energy of that warm and bright space inspired me to explore her website and discover articles that helped me to understand my cycles and transform my experience of menstruation and womanhood.

Since 2015 I have had the great privilege of contributing to this project with my work. Over the years my role has changed and at the moment I help with taking care of the web and online courses, revising texts and new articles, helping with publicity, overseeing our scholarship programme and making sure the foundations of the project run smoothly. 

I’m Monica Manso

I’m a coach and therapist specialized in motherhood and menopause with more than 10 years of experience accompanying women in these two vital transitions. I love writing, I have a Blog about motherhood with hundreds of articles, another about menopause and in 2015 I published a book for pregnant women: “La agenda libro del embarazo consciente”.

After many years of living the ups and downs of a solo-entrepreneur  in solitude and realising how this had become very draining for me, when I turned 50 I decided to reinvent myself and put all my experience and knowledge at the service of a consolidated and mature project: this is how I became part of the Mujer Cíclica team.

I have known Sophia since the beginning of her path in this field, when she was also a doula and focused her work on motherhood and the menstrual cycle. Our paths crossed and we created a friendship that has lasted over many years and has now alquimized into a professional collaboration. I was also fortunate to be part of the first residential training “El Viaje de la Mujer Cíclica”, both as a facilitator and as a student. It was a mystical experience that I will never forget.

In Mujer Cíclica I am the one who gives you the first warm welcome: I answer and manage the emails that we receive, and offer support in the registration processes for our online courses. I have a key role in all the communication, both in our social networks and with our monthly newsletter, as well as taking care of the private Facebook groups for our students. 

Mónica Manso

I’m Gemma Polo

I first met Sophia in my quest to find places to offer my deep rest meditation retreats in Spain.

After our first encounter in a one-day workshop on the womb and menstrual cycle that she led, I felt a deep connection to her way of relating to the cycles, nature and the sacred. This led me to join a one-year residential training that she was offering at the time, “El Viaje de la Mujer Cíclica”.

We slowly fell in love and began to create and offer nature retreats together, combining my work as a meditation teacher and spiritual companion with her work as a facilitator of women’s circles.

After having offered many different retreats and workshops together, we were inspired to create the online course “Medicine Woman: a journey to your center” which has already reached and transformed hundreds of women.

Another passion we both share is our love for creating rituals as a powerful way to support transitional moments, which led us to create a one week intensive training for women who want to guide and facilitate rituals. 

Within Mujer Cíclica, I am present in a day-to-day basis,supporting and sharing my partner’s passion as well as being a co-creator of some of the courses and retreats.

More about me:

I’m Sonia J. Cook

I have known Sophia for a long time, but our professional relationship started at the end of 2012, when the expansion of Mujer Cíclica began. Since then I have been present in her trajectory, accompanying her as a consultant, at the same time that I have been growing as an expert in change management.

I have joined my many years of experience in the world of teaching, business, management and auditing in what I call Humanist Consulting for Entrepreneurs, wanting to bring awareness and spirituality to the entrepreneurial processes.

So now I dedicate a part of my professional time to this initiative that is helping so many women, helping with the annual budget, team dynamics and guidance for Sophia as an entrepreneur.

I am grateful for this opportunity, to be part of this wonderful project and team.

Marta Pocorull equipo Mujer ciclica

I’m Marta Pocurull

I am an inquisitive person and have always been eager to get to know the world and the people who live in it.

This interest has led me to a range of experiences in different parts of the world. The one that most marked my personal and professional life was my stay in Ethiopia, where I worked as a coordinator of development projects for ten years and where I learned a lot from the different professionals I worked with.

On a personal level, Ethiopia was where I became a mother of my three children and where we began our journey as a family. Motherhood was a great change for me and my priorities, and has led me to try and find a better balance between my personal and professional life.

All these experiences and knowledge has brought me to Mujer Cíclica, a project that I fell in love with in early 2021 and that I am very happy to be part of.

At Mujer Cíclica I am the person who accompanies you in the registration processes for courses and residential activities. I am also in charge of giving technical support to the entire team and I’m responsible for ensuring that the finances make sense and add up.